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What can I expect from my visit?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, and allow about one hour for the exam process. Scans usually take 30-45 minutes, and exams using contrast may take longer. Most exams do not require special preparation; there is however some exams that require for you to not eat or drink for a period of time, in which case you will be notified by our staff the day before the exam.

Our CT or MRI-certified technologist will explain the exam and then escort you to the dressing room. What you wear when having an exam, whether with MRI or CT, is very important. Wear items that do not include any metal, buttons or zippers. Most people wear a light t-shirt and tie-string sweat pants. If there is a clothing item which may interfere with the exam, you will be asked to dress in shorts and a gown which will be provided to you. You will be asked to remove all jewelry including earrings and bellybutton rings, watches and hair clips. If you have large tattoos or facial/eye makeup which contains metal oxides, they may become warm during the exam.

Please take these following steps prior to your appointment:

  • Find out if your policy or plan requires a preauthorization or referral.

  • Come to your appointment with your insurance card, name and address of your plan or insurer(s), name and address of your claims payer (if different from insurer), your ID and group numbers, and the name of the policyholder or subscriber.

  • If applicable, for workers' compensation, automobile, or personal injury cases, we require the name and address of your attorney as well.

What to Bring to your Visit

  • Bring all insurance to your appointment

  • Please provide our staff with 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule

  • Please leave all jewelry and unnecessary valuables at home

  • Take medications as prescribed

  • Do not hesitate to call our facility with any questions that you may have

  • Unless otherwise instructed by your physician you may eat and drink normally before your exam

  • You may bring your favorite CD to listen to during your exam

  • Bring a designated driver if necessary


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